L.A.K.E. or Learned Acts of Kindness for Everyone, is native SaaS solution which was designed to address dignity, civility and inclusivity in the workplace.  L.A.K.E. uses a Learning Content Management System with verified AI-powered user ID Profiles to trains individuals using micro-skills, while encouraging individuals to preform acts of kindness in the workplace.


Built with a diverse team of individuals, many from the BIPOC community, we identified many challenges that exist not only in our workplace, but also in our communities.  We understand that Canadian businesses are struggling to find solutions to address issues around racism, discrimination, and incivility in their workplaces. 

Our team clearly understands these challenges and collaborated together to build L.A.K.E. (Learned Acts of Kindness for Everyone) which we designed to unit people, bridge gaps and build awareness using Kindness.  We realized that employers need to empower the individual to be a part of the process for improve their workplace culture by “do better” and “be better” for one another. 


Kindness is contagious, using L.A.K.E. we can demonstrate how individuals can incorporate kindness in their daily lives and support one another, and to enhance each other’s well-being.   L.A.K.E. is all able the little things, demonstrating that small acts of kindness can have a significant impact on improving overall workplace wellness.