Dr. Jonathan J. Lok

DDS, Dip. Anaes., FADSA, Diplomate NDBA


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Bringing Hospital-Grade Anesthesia to

Dental Clinics Across the GTA

Offer your patients pain & worry-free dental treatments from the comfort of your clinic

Mobile Anaesthesia for Dentistry (MAFD) is a leading mobile anesthesia service provider that brings hospital-level anaesthesia services to dental clinics across the GTA. As a board-certified dental anaesthesiologist, Dr. Jonathon Lok is experienced in delivering state-of-the-art sedation and recovery services for office-based dental procedures. 

Mobile Anaesthesia

MAFD provides office-based anaesthesia services to help dental clinics maximize efficiencies and reduce costs. 


Our board-certified anaesthesiologist will help you feel calm, relaxed, and free of pain – even during the most complex dental procedures.


Outsourcing anaesthesia to a board-certified anaesthesiologist leaves you free to focus on procedure and providing exceptional patient care.


The safety of your patients is our primary concern. We perform all pre-op and post-op care, and take the time to thoroughly review the risks with each patient before their sedation procedure begins. 


Offer your patients a safe, pain-free experience from the comfort of your clinic. We travel to your clinic, set up and take down all equipment, and provide all necessary medications & supplies.